It felt like a mega post considering how slow Blogger was loading pics. A quick business trip to Atlanta was perfectly timed for a Sunday morning visit to Scotts. Things are definitely quieter then, with a few dealers packing up, but there were still alot of great finds. Can only imagine what it was like Thursday afternoon. This is my third visit and first in 2012. One thing I noticed was the absence of intaglios and the abundance of moss. To bad this urn couldn't fit in my carry-on.
Imagine a library designed around these gorgeous pillows or this stool.

Imaginative buoy lights
Coral - ever popular. It does make you wonder where it's being harvested and the damage caused to the reefs. I used to buy coral but have decided no more purchases. Also, turtle shells were everywhere but you have to wonder what the environmental impact of that is too.
Fab mirror

Rosemary (I think) topiary - wonderful fragrance, want one or two.
You've seen circles on stands before. Now they're interlocking.
Really liked this.
Smart use of a painting to create faux architectural interest
Audubon reprints
Clean lined antiqued mirror. Would have bought this if I lived in the area.
Very nice faux bois lampshades
Iron base table with an old crate as its top
A treat of little hot donuts fresh from frying-up, why not? I rationalized them as good motivation to swim longer than usual at the hotel pool. (felt compelled to say that) What did I buy? One yard of peacock blue mohair that's a perfect match to some I already have.

Never too soon for Christmas. Santa is lurking in the back.