So, what do I decide to do in the midst of finishing painting my dining room Farrow & Ball Calke Green?  I go back to the guest bedroom I started before the dining room....yes, Interior Design ADD.  For some quick art I framed this hand marbled paper from Paper Mojo (that I've had laying around for 2+ years) in Ikea frames.  I rather like how it turned out, adds a bit freshness to the space.  (I can see though those vents need to be painted out.)

Came across this other Ikea frame and realized the depth would work for the intaglios I have.  The second frame was found at a thrift store for $2 and it got the intaglio treatment too.  The candlestick lamp was another find for $3.75.

The side-of-the-road chair covered in a Pierre Frey sample was brought in to this room.

Now, back to the dining room/library.  I finished painting the back of the shelving which was almost as time consuming as the room.  What's all that blue painters tape for?  Well, this time I remembered to # the shelves as it was built on site by a carpenter and they each fit best in their original slots. Shelves still need to be styled a bit - and that mess of phones need to be taken care of too!

Planning to photograph the finished room this weekend.  What do you have planned - any small changes around your house?