We're back from an amazing 16 days in London, Oia-Santorini, Rome, Florence & Venice - a trip the four of us will long remember for all that we saw and did!  Have to admit - it's very hard adjusting back to real life. Which only makes me think that I'm not interested in returning to it exactly as it was.

I like to think of a vacation as vacating your life as you know it;  leaving behind old routines and opening new doors.  On this trip I really noticed the routines and habits of my back-at-home life that are more of a burden than a joy and the things that matter more to me now that I'm close to turning 50 :)

Here's a few of the changes I'm making:

- a lot less time on the internet
- saying yes to opportunities  that just pop up.  Just said yes to a  week up in the Thousand Islands, the pre-vacation me would have turned it down
- focusing more on staying in touch with extended family and friends
- returning to the book project I started this winter.  It has nothing to do w/design or this blog but it's something I'm really excited about it.  More on it in August.

Hope you're been having a great summer.  Curious, has your vacation time got you thinking about any life changes?

Oia  Santorini 






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