Confession: I started blogging because I was a little lonely.

Now I should quickly add that I have wonderful friends I've known for decades but they're spread out all over the country. I also had experienced the all too familiar moving away of friends that is the hallmark of living in a transient area such as Washington, DC. So, along with having a design addiction, I think I was hoping blogging would fill a void.

My sincerest thanks to everyone who has visited my blog, left comments, emailed me and welcomed me as a visitor to their blog. Your kindness, humor and, of course, great talent for design, has made blogging more than I could have expected. Thank you! For all those Swedish bloggers who I visit and leave comments for in english - Tack så mycket!

In celebration of my 100th post, here are some caribbean design images. Back in 1989 when my interior design magazine addiction began (I remember it well!), I fell in love with British colonial furniture and the West Indies aesthetic. The image above is from the hotel Round Hill in Jamaica. The symmetry is wonderful. If this were a private home, imagine how cheery it would be to come home to it!

Designer India Hicks, image via Domino

Bob Greenspan, Orange County Register

Living etc.

Fustic House, designer Oliver Messel via Lime in the Coconut

I think these painted aqua floors are brilliant!
Round Hill resort, Jamaica (above and two images below) I want these ceilings!

The Blue Beach house by designer Phoebe Howard