Yes, that ottoman may look like leather but it's actually concrete! Mention this to anyone looking at it and they find themselves compelled to touch it before believing you. In some cases, they'll even knock on it before believing. Known for resurrecting the dying art form of high quality concrete faux bois, Richard Taylor of Flat Earth Designs has taken concrete to a whole other level with these pieces.
The zipper and button detail is incredible. I should also mention these pieces are suprisingly comfortable to sit on.
In addition to the ottoman, Richard creates a Barcelona chair in concrete. This one is in a light finish. Couldn't you see these in a chic hotel or backyard garden setting?
Another double-take; this is concrete not alligator.

Just one of the many faux bois planters available.
Eddie Ross chose these mushrooms for the Chicago WOW event - I'm also loving the beautiful console table they're featured on.

Another favorite of mine - the poppy bowl.
I forgot where I saw this but a designer had a placed a huge clamshell like this in a fireplace. Looked stunning.
Pennsylvania finial.
Hypertufa spheres in various sizes. I particularly like this large one on a pedestal.

The Richmond Planter. The finish on this piece, and the one below, is akin to marble.
Rams Swag Pot
Oak leaf urn
This is just one of a number of lions available.
Richard's work is sold wholesale to stores and garden centers throughout the U.S., including select pieces for Anthropologie. (*Although he does sell to the public at the Round Top Antique Shows)

The acorn mirror and frog on a pedestal, along with a number of other pieces, are available from Scentimental Gardens and SG Grand in the Chicago area. (Debra has a great eye and has been carrying Richard's work for a long time.)
Here in DC, I believe Notting Hill Gardens on 815 King Street, Alexandria, VA will be carrying some of Richard's collection in the near future. (no connection to me)
To see more of Richard's work - go here. If you're like me, you'll spend alot of time looking around!