My living room needed a larger sofa than the 2 seater armless loveseat I've had in there for the last 2 years.  Well, w/the basement renovation I realized I didn't need two sofas for the media area so up came this one.  Always hated the knife-edge cushions it came with so I'm having new box cushions made that will extend about 1 inch above the back. Also, goodbye to the 8" short skirt. It will be replaced with a long skirt that falls from the top edge underneath where the cushions rest.

The 13 yards of gold fabric I had leftover (when I changed my mind for the family room sofa and used Kelly Wearstler's fern tree instead) will be used - but, it's not quite enought to cover the whole sofa!  So...

it will be combined with 8 yards of this gorgeous cut velvet from Haute Fabrics at $24 a yard. (it's a gorgeous Baker Furniture fabric!)  The velvet will go on the backs/undersides of all 6 cushions and the back of the sofa, which faces the window wall.  In the winter I'll be flipping the cushions for a two-fabric look.

Can't wait to get it back from my go-to, best upholsterer in town, Mel at Style Rite Upholstery.