The other weekend Sweet Clover Barn organized a special event, the Hometalk Halloween Hunt, with fellow antique/vintage stores  Chartreuse and Co Lucketts and On a Whim.  Bloggers were invited to shop the stores, buy a treasure and then post about the creative thing they did with it.

I'll be joining the link party later in October but I know for certain - even though I found 2 treasures - my use won't be creative.    I picked up 2 amazing runners at the Chartreuse and Co barn sale.  The Leopard by Stanton is 23" by 96" and was $69 and the 100% Wool Alex Papachristidis Thaleia Diamonds by Langhorne Carpets is 2' 8" by 10' and was $87!

First up at the Halloween Hunt was a visit to Sweet Clover Vintage Barn Sale in Frederick - their tag line is fresh picks * inspired design * uncommon finds.  This is the view of the upstairs - the barn is full of great finds.

 So sweet!

Very creative cake and dessert stands by Sweet Stands.

Burlap over a support pole - very creative.

Next was a stop at Chartreuse and Co's Barn Sale in Frederick.  There's a cool water wheel outside.

If I remember correctly this velvet chair was under $90

Some more of the bound remnants for sale.

Unfortunately I didn't have time to head over to Lucketts and On A Whim (Lucketts/Leesburg) but they're on my list for a future trip.  If you're in the area, be sure to check out all their sites and the dates for the upcoming barn sales.

Sweet Clover Barn - next sale Oct 18 - 20
Chartreuse and Co - next sale Oct 18 - 20
Lucketts - open daily and with special events throughout the year
On a Whim - open daily