You may remember a post I did last summer about the garden consultation I had with Kerry Ann Mendez, whom my friend Anne and I had heard speak at the Philadelphia Flower Show. Kerry's business is dedicated to teaching gardeners how to create low-maintenance, ever-blooming perennial gardens and she recently let me know that she as a new book out! Kerry's lecture was chock-full of short cuts, insider tips and money-saving strategies and I'm sure her book will be too. Although looking at the gorgeous gardens she creates, you'd think they were coddled over daily. For more information on her book, go here.
Kerry also mentioned that the 7th Annual Great Garden and Landscaping Symposium is being held again this year at the The Equinox, a world class resort in Manchester VT April 23 - 24. For more info on the agenda and a full listing of all the nationally known speakers, go here.
For Virginia readers who can't make it to VT, the annual Historic Virginia Garden Week takes place April 17 - 25. The Arlington gardens on this year's tour are JUST up the street from my house but I have to work that day so I won't be able to attend.
(please note these are my personal recommendations and I receive no form of compensation for them.)